Sunday, March 24, 2013

About the Coop

Thanks for your interest in the Montlake Family Coop, a group of families located in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle.

The coop’s mission is to help Montlake families connect with and support one another. The coop hosts annual Valentine’s, 4th of July, Halloween, and winter holiday parties, organizes nights out for parents, and runs a meal program for families with newborns. The coop also has a very active list serve. The list serve has valuable information on preschools, activities for children and families, child care, and child gear for sale. 

Families must live within the Montlake neighborhood boundaries (bordered by the Arboretum, Interlaken Park, ship canal and the edge of Portage Bay) and have a child or children in their household. 

Families who live outside of the above boundaries but have children who attend Montlake Elementary School may also join.

The coop requests that members contribute $20 per year in dues to help fund the hosted events.

To join the coop, please email